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Do You Want a Squeaky Clean Home?

Raise your hand if you like to clean. Yeah, that’s not too many of you - which means you are my people. Cleaning is the worst, but like death and taxes - it’s ...

The Vacuum for Your Face

Okay, so can we talk about how satisfying those Dr. Pimple Popper videos are? It’s like a train literally cannot look away. I was actually just wat...

The Best Everyday Jacket

To say I am a jacket snob is an understatement.  You might think by looking at my closet of 20 plus jackets that I love to wear a different one every day....

The Curious Case of Quip

Today, just about everybody has an electric toothbrush. Dentists have been pushing them for years, often expensive models like Philips Sonicare's DiamondClean ...