The Alpha Fifty

The word Alpha is powerful, loaded with associations: some good, some bad. To us it means the difference between average and extraordinary. That’s why, to qualify for the Alpha Fifty, a product has to be more than just new or creative or disruptive. It has to make a difference. Not in theory but in the actual lives of consumers like you and me. In a world of 24/7 media, new brands are being born every day and it’s not easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. 

At Alpha 50, we’ve taken on the mission of finding the best amidst the extraordinary torrent of creativity the digital revolution has unleashed, and we want you along for the journey. Even better, we cannot do it without you. We need to hear your voices, feedback, suggestions. Together we can make the Alpha 50 truly extraordinary.


Getting to Alpha

So what exactly takes a new idea, a brand, a product or service from, well, beta to alpha. Our founding team has started brands, some successful some not, written about them, some successful some not, worked for them, consulted and of course been avid consumers all their lives. Along the way, we’ve realized great products and services must hit the fives “Ss”:


Solve–for a problem

Simplify–how we live

Surprise–with unexpected benefits

Serve–our lives better

Sustain–an emotional connection with its consumers