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5.0Alpha Worthy
Eating healthy nutritious food that can be prepared quickly and taken on the go.
Frozen healthy ingredients that only need the addition of milk, water or broth and a quick blend or microwave, all transported in a convenient container.
Simple to prepare in a blender or microwave. Easy to take on-the-go. Practical top to save from spilling. Lots of flavors!
Outstanding selection of smoothies and more that puts it ahead of the competition.
On Trustpilot, Daily Harvest has 69% excellent or great reviews. However, it also has substantial negatives (22% bad). A quick scan through these reviews shows criticism was largely directed at customer service, subscriptions and delivery, rarely the food. Happily, Daily Harvest seems to have commented or replied in nearly every case, and it's reasonable to assume most of these issues will be addressed sooner than later.
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What’s your daily life like? Busy mornings trying to get yourself (and perhaps other members of your family) out the door? With little time to think about breakfast? And then it’s a workday filled with meetings, emails, and projects? With little time to think about lunch? And then once work is done, you have to run errands, get kids to activities, and plan dinner?

While I can often get dinner on the table due to my handy slow cooker or InstaPot, breakfast and lunch can be a struggle. And, that’s where Daily Harvest came to my rescue. 

With Daily Harvest, fresh-frozen fruits and vegetables (and grains for certain dishes) in the form of smoothies, soups, harvest bowls, bites, oat bowls, chia bowls, and lattes are shipped frozen to your home once per week in convenient containers. By simply adding your favorite milk, water, or broth, and zipping it through the blender or heating in the microwave, you have a completely portable meal.

Amazing Options

When it comes to options, Daily Harvest ranks among the best. You can choose weekly shipments of 6 (which was just recently added), 9, 12, or 24 cups or go with a monthly delivery. As with most subscription services, the more you order, the more the price decreases per cup. And there’s no need not to go with a bigger shipment as long as you have room in your freezer to store them. 

And, while the subscription options are important, Daily Harvest knows that flavor choices are essential. After all, you don’t want to be eating the same things day after day. Daily Harvest has options – lots of options. There are over 20 smoothie flavors, 16 different harvest bowls, ten different soups, and seven different oat and chia bowls.

In order to be able to check out a wide variety of Daily Harvest products, I chose the “Taster Box,” which ships you some of the most popular offerings–and they all arrived perfectly frozen and ready to head to my freezer.

The Flavor

There may be nothing more important than flavor when it comes to what you’re eating. Yes, you want healthy and nutritious, but it needs to taste great, too. So, on my first busy morning, I grabbed the Mint+Cacao smoothie (in hopes of avoiding the temptation of downing half a sleeve of Thin Mints).

Unfortunately, this one was a miss for me. I added my favorite milk and ran it through my blender, but It was a little too “green” for my tastes.  However, I was not discouraged in the slightest. My assortment included a Strawberry+Peach smoothie and a Chocolate+Blueberry smoothie – which were both fantastic. And I loved that I could actually see the ingredients. You can recognize everything that you’re eating.

As for the bowls, I sampled a Mulberry+Dragon Fruit oat bowl, Sweet Potato+Wild Rice harvest bowl, and a Broccoli+Cheeze harvest bowl. All were excellent in flavor, and you could easily add your favorite protein to the savory flavored harvest bowls to make for a great lunch.

Grab and Go

Daily Harvest prides itself as “good food that works for you.” It’s healthy and delicious – that’s for sure. But they also want it to work for people who are extremely busy and looking for a way to prepare something healthy in mere minutes. And it hits that mark, too.

The bowls and soups are microwavable and ready in about 4 minutes. Smoothies just need to be quickly blended. You can even prepare the oat bowl in your refrigerator overnight and grab it on your way out the door. Fast for sure.

Do You Really Need a Daily Dose of Daily Harvest?

The answer is a resounding: YES! Daily Harvest delivers on all of its promises. Healthy, nourishing food that works with your busy life. Delicious flavors. Convenient packaging (especially for the smoothies which allow me to insert my reusable straw). And extremely easy to prepare. I definitely want a daily dose of Daily Harvest.